Book Review - A Hunter's Road by Jim Fergus

For many of us, especially you unfortunate SOBs making a ton of money in the big city, bird hunting involves travel.  But, when that travel instead becomes a road trip, it is the journey, not the destination that matters. 

Jim Fergus details what many upland hunters experience, as they travel the country with bird dog in tow, searching for those places off the beaten path where the roads are dusty, the cafe's are friendly, and the birds are wild.  

As it should be, the killing and shooting make up a small part of the memoir for Fergus.  He cherishes the multitude of species he and his loyal Lab harvest, detailing the cooking and eating that they involve.  A Hunter's Road was published in 1993, but fortunately the countryside that we all yearn for hasn't changed much, allowing us all to take our own upland road trip.