Book Review - Feathered Tales

Feathered Tales by Joseph Augustine

A Grand Slam Odyssey

With the ease of sharing information online these days, tech-savvy bird hunters can read about hunting Mearns quail in Arizona or ruffed grouse in Wisconsin nearly hourly during the fall season.  With that social media treasure trove, comes the desire to try new experiences in new places. 

Joe Augustine was ahead of the curve seeking information from all corners of the upland world, on his quest to shoot every upland bird species in the U.S. Having hunted and spent time with Joe, he doesn't leave any detail to chance. It also shows through in his writing as he accurately describes how as wingshooters, our focus is on the dogs first, the birds secondly. 

The star of the show are his English setters, dogs that are not just tools, but part of his family. The task and satisfaction found in bagging each species was really more of a goal for the dogs than for him.  While very few of us will have the opportunity to chase the broad variety of birds around the country, following along with Joe and his dogs on their adventure is nearly as fun.

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