Book Review - The Upland Shooting Life by George Bird Evans

Writing a review on The Upland Shooting Life is similar to attempting to review The Bible or Gone With The Wind.  It probably doesn't need to be done, as all are such a part of society's fabric. In wingshooting circles, George Bird Evans, is nearly as important as some of characters in the Good Book.

While you don't have to be a breeder or an English Setter owner to appreciate GBE's writing, you do have to appreciate hunting over trained bird dogs, amidst classic Eastern ruffed grouse and woodcock coverts.  The 1971 title paints a vivid picture of what it was like decades ago, sneaking through old orchards and farm yards, locating a cautious dog on point. Evans and wife Kay's setters were a part of the family, pets first, hunting dogs second.  Today, the Old Hemlock bloodlines still exist, with a waiting list that would make GBE proud. 

If you have one upland book to take to a desert island, this may be the one.  It can be re-read numerous times, each occurrence giving you one more bit of nostalgia for the classic upland lifestyle.