Buzzwords in the Bird World

Buzzwords. ESPN football prognosticators use them. “Skill set” is probably their favorite right now when describing an athlete’s athleticism. CNN and Fox News seem to be in competition to use the word “narrative”.  Business types maybe the worst as they recycle words and phrases that they heard in another meeting an hour earlier.  Remember “thinking outside the box” and “paradigm shift”? Those seemed to have been replaced by “in our DNA” and “kicking the can down the road” amongst other often used phrases.

Good or bad, the wingshooting realm has an assortment of commonly used words and phrases that may or may not bother you.  Regardless, they have appeared in print more often than Steve Martin on Saturday Night Live.

Let’s flush out a few of our favorites:

Epic. Not every $%^&@#! day is epic. Nor is every hunt, road trip or sandwich.  Originally credited to the ski or fly fishing crowd, it is sneaking into the wingshooting world.  I challenge you to only use this word once in a lifetime.

Brace.  This is a word you ONLY hear in the upland world.  A brace of birds. A brace of bird dogs.  A brace of dog turds? Why not?  Quit trying so hard to not use the words two or pair

Scotch and a cigar. Also tied heavily to the wingshooting world.  The upland demographic must drink 50% of the Scotch produced.  Cigars? Yuck. (And you wonder why your wife doesn’t kiss you goodnight? This might be one of the six or seven reasons she doesn’t.)  See also: “brown liquor” or “adult beverage”.

Cover dogs.  This has had a big uptick the past couple of seasons.  It almost sounds like a dog owner’s apology for not having a field trial dog that casts at a one-mile radius. Some folks are almost using it as a new breed of dog.  Just respond with “English Setter” or “Llewellin” and be done with it. Unless that breed is a Labradoodle. Those are dumb.

And then there are the phrases that are beat to death in print, especially in the mainstream hook and bullet mags:  “I cut my teeth”, ”burning boot leather”,  and one that is used in every single chukar article ever written, “the first time is for fun, the second time is for revenge”.  Yes. We know already. Those birds are real “red-legged devils” I bet.

Can you think of any others that are growing stale?  They don’t need to all be epic. Email us and let us know.