Doodle Dandy---Timberdoodle! Book Review

  When you consider how many woodcock hunters there are from Minnesota to Maine, it is puzzling how few books are dedicated to the beloved little migrating bird.  Timberdoodle! by Frank Woolner was published in 1974 and there have only been a few others written in the 45 years since.   Often considered a How-To title, Woolner adds enough person anecdotes to his work that it is much more than what gun and size of shot to take into the woods.  Timberdoodle! takes you into the alder bottoms on their journey south and makes every bird hunter nostalgic for those banner days when the forest floor is covered in whitewash and dogs are in their glory.  While woodcock numbers may be off...

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Pheasants Of The Mind - Book Review

Pheasants of the Mind by Datus Proper   Maybe it was because the book was released the year I finished high-school, when I was enamored with pheasants as much as girls. Perhaps the fact that the Proper lived in Montana, gave the book added reverence. But, mostly the book remains one of the favori te collections on pheasant hunting simply because it was very well written and real.  With wit and wisdom, the late Proper gave the ringneck its due. He has saved the "How To Hunt Pheasants" regurgitation for the hook and bullet magazines.  Proper outlined the nuances of chasing pheasants that are wild and wary.  Shooting one's limit is minor; the dog work, guns and friends one shares...

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Bird Dog Coffee: Your Bird Dog Breed - Fresh to Your Door

Coffee starts our day, whether you are getting ready for work or hopefully preparing your bird dogs for an upcoming upland hunting adventure. Coffee is a daily staple of our lives, and it is important to start with one that is quality - the fact that it makes a difference for the future of our hunting traditions doesn't hurt either. Bird Dog Coffee is a roasted-to-order Guatamelan coffee that arrives to your door ready to enjoy. The fresh-roasted 16 ounces of whole beans are packaged in a plastic, air-breathable and re-sealable bag once opened. Air can escape but not enter to maintain optimum freshness. This isn't compost coffee that sits on the shelves for days, weeks or months - once...

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