Let Me Tell You About Range.......

  All Bird Dogs Should Work At About 125 Yards. Says your old roommate from college who hunts with spaniels. He also only hunts pheasants and only in fairly thick cover. Brad, the energetic, young gentleman you met in at the bar in Pierre, South Dakota feels that if his pointers aren’t out 800-1,200 yards in front, they are wasting the opportunity.  “Once the Tek 2.0 says he done lock up, then I load the pea-shooter and head that way.  Dexter held point for over 35 minutes last fall on some sharptail.” Plow-horse vs. race horse to some extent.   The discussion on how far a bird dog should range is similar to the best elk rifle caliber or the...

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The Hatch Is Everything - Almost

So, cross your fingers that the next two months are just what the doctor ordered. All upland species need some moisture, but not too much moisture or cold weather. Warm weather is good, but hopefully it isn't too hot and dry.  Insects are important for chick development, but West Nile can be transmitted by mosquitoes. So, there is a fine line.   And remember next fall, if the bird populations are strong, make plans to hunt more than ever. For many species, Mother Nature controls populations, not hunters.

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