No Love For Charley

This time of year it seems bird guys are constantly waxing poetic about Spiller, George Bird and Gene Hill.  And, rightly so. They all have more hits in the grouse genre than Elvis.  Some of George Bird Evans' collectibles sell for upward of $200-300.  But, one of our personal favorites is Charles Waterman.  As did GBE, Waterman wrote perfect prose into his 80s, hunting nearly as long as he wrote.  Unlike the other better-known scribes, Charley was more diverse, hunting many species and also being an avid angler.  Similar to Ted Trueblood, Waterman's writing wasn't overly flowery, but was written as most people would speak.  No thesaurus needed.  Some of his more relevant upland titles worth a look are: Gun...

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The Hatch Is Everything - Almost

So, cross your fingers that the next two months are just what the doctor ordered. All upland species need some moisture, but not too much moisture or cold weather. Warm weather is good, but hopefully it isn't too hot and dry.  Insects are important for chick development, but West Nile can be transmitted by mosquitoes. So, there is a fine line.   And remember next fall, if the bird populations are strong, make plans to hunt more than ever. For many species, Mother Nature controls populations, not hunters.

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So You Want To Hunt Out West?

Many of us have been fixated on a dream hunt in the Rocky Mountain west to chase upland birds for years.  Stories of abundant public land, a multitude of wild bird species and little competition get our bird hunting juices flowing.  Most of those tales are true. But, whether you choose to hunt on the prairie of Montana, the Snake River Canyon of Idaho or in the desert of Nevada, one must be prepared and have expectations slightly tempered. There aren't simply birds behind every clump of sage brush. For starters, don't waste your time or your money on fuel unless you and your bird dogs are in shape.  If you can't see your toes or if you get out...

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