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The Hatch Is Everything - Almost

So, cross your fingers that the next two months are just what the doctor ordered. All upland species need some moisture, but not too much moisture or cold weather. Warm weather is good, but hopefully it isn't too hot and dry.  Insects are important for chick development, but West Nile can be transmitted by mosquitoes. So, there is a fine line.   And remember next fall, if the bird populations are strong, make plans to hunt more than ever. For many species, Mother Nature controls populations, not hunters.

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Pheasants Of The Mind - Book Review

Pheasants of the Mind by Datus Proper   Maybe it was because the book was released the year I finished high-school, when I was enamored with pheasants as much as girls. Perhaps the fact that the Proper lived in Montana, gave the book added reverence. But, mostly the book remains one of the favori te collections on pheasant hunting simply because it was very well written and real.  With wit and wisdom, the late Proper gave the ringneck its due. He has saved the "How To Hunt Pheasants" regurgitation for the hook and bullet magazines.  Proper outlined the nuances of chasing pheasants that are wild and wary.  Shooting one's limit is minor; the dog work, guns and friends one shares...

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Looking For Something Blue In The Gray

Admittedly, it was more difficult getting excited for bird hunting this fall after two months of drought and one of the hottest summers on record.  In fact, some of the private lands usually open to hunting on September 1st, were closed due to fired danger.  The skies across Montana have been smoke-filled for months, severely limited air quality and visibility.  But, we packed up the dogs, hooked up the camper and headed to the hills.  We were up at 'em early each day, trying to beat the heat.  Once we were up in the high country and the dogs were making game, there was no other place to be on earth.  Good dog work, great food in camp and fair...

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